20 Things About Me

So it’s about time you got to know me! Here are 20 facts about me (the boring and the not so boring)


  1. My full name is Grace Stella Holmes
  2. I have owned 2 Vespas and 1 Mk2 VW Polo
  3. I can play the guitar, drums and clarinet
  4. I was home schooled for 4 years
  5. I collect vinyl records
  6. I got my first spanner set and tool kit when I was 4
  7. I want to visit Mexico one day for the day of the dead festivities
  8. In the last 6 months I have lost 3 and a half stone
  9. I make exceptionally awesome cupcakes (especially gluten free)
  10. My nicknames are G and Gracie
  11. Chanel is my favourite lipstick
  12. My most loved place in the UK is Brighton
  13. No matter how old I am, Toy Story will always be one of my favourite films
  14. BBQ season is the best time of the year
  15. My most played song on iTunes is R U Mine – Arctic Monkeys
  16. I have a dog named Deiffer which is pronounced “D for” (D for Dog – get it?)
  17. Lucky number is 13, and this has appeared at many significant times in my life
  18. My favourite music is Northern Soul
  19. One of my best memories is driving past the hundreds of flamingos on the salt lakes in Spain on the way to our house out there
  20. I laugh at my own jokes (even more when people groan at my crappy puns)

The Bike Shed – Old Street, London

So on Sunday Joe (boyfriend) Luke (Joes cousin/best pal) and I spent the day in London. As tradition, we went to The Bike Shed which is an amazing place, so I thought I would write a little something about it!

So first of all, if you’re a lover of motorbikes, food, shopping, and art then you will probably already know what I’m talking about. This is one of my favourite places to hang out in London, and it’s in the heart of Shoreditch so easy to get to from Liverpool St.

The building itself is actually 4 redeveloped railway arches, but they’ve still kept the original features which give a great industrial atmosphere.

There’s a restaurant, lounge style area, out side seating area, barbers, gallery and a shop which stocks motorcycle clothing and accessories. They also stock Great Frog jewellry too! (Seriously I almost needed a bank loan for the amount of things I was going to buy…)


The walls are highlighted with amazing art works, including a few original D-Face pieces.


So we shopped a bit, then had some drinks and food.

PRAISE THE LORD – They do gluten free options! I KNOW – AMAZING. So of course, I had a gluten free burger and was buzzing about it (It did come with onion rings but Joe stole those off my board before I could even sneak a picture). The food never disappoints, normally I go for their steak which is beautiful.

Also as we found out it is great for wheelchair users (Poor Luke was in a traffic accident last week, he’s okay and healing well but can’t be said the same for his Harley 😦 )




So, if you’re in Shoreditch I thoroughly recommend checking out The Bike Shed. They also do memberships which gives you amazing perks especially for events – but even if it’s just for a coffee and a walk around some great bikes in the gallery, you’re sure to love it.

Check out The Bike Shed on their Website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up to date with their events.


Bargains of the Month!

Who doesn’t love a bit of retail therapy? Especially the day after pay day!

So this weekend the boyfriend and I went off to the Designer Village near us, which is great because we both share a love for shopping but also never paying full price for anything!

So I thought I would show off my absolute BARGAINS!


First off, this Vans shirt/jacket


If you are also small enough to fit into children clothes, then why the fuck not. This is a Large kids size, and it was £18 (RRP £55)

Then I needed some shoes..


Also from Vans, these MTE edition womens hi-tops are awesome. They’re scotch guarded already, and of course all black with white sole is always a winner in my books. Snapped up for £25 (RRP £54)


This one is multi-purpose,


Levis Scarf / Headscarf. I’m a BIG fan of scarfs and headscarfs, especially when you have severe helmet hair! Picked this one up for £14 (RRP £25)

And of course could not leave Levis without this,


Levis Dark Blue Trucker Jacket. Now I am a bit of a fiend when it comes to Levis jackets (now the proud owner of 4 denim jackets including two Big E’s) but for this price I would never have left it behind. Also I’ve been on the hunt for a short tight jacket for a few weeks. Winner winner all round! £35 (RRP £90)

And of course couldn’t not go to the make up store!


My eyebrows are very important to me, even on days without make up I still have them on. This Estée Lauder Duo stick has a highlighter one end and the brow pencil on the other. I really struggle to find a good black eyebrow crayon or pencil, but this is my fave. £13 (RRP £19)


So yeah, thanks for looking at my first “haul” post! Again, thanks for the likes and comments too.

G x

Decisions decisions…

Hello, me again 🙂 

For the last few days I have been doing some research and finally I think I have decided which direction this blog is going to go in! 

As well as a personal diary style, I’m also going to post about the sort of “modern retro” style I have, and my buys, tips and tricks! 

I don’t want to scrap the diary idea as this is a personal blog – but I don’t want this to turn into somewhere I come purely to rant and look a bit emo 😂 

So thank you for all the views and comments so far it really does mean a lot! I’m now currently cooking a gluten free frozen pizza and I’m going to have a little brainstorm. Wish me luck! 
G x 

Day 1: Do things you’re scared of.

So todays blog post is more like a diary entry I guess.

What I want to write about is what people refer to as a “healthy amount” of fear. People always say “It’s okay to be nervous!” or “You’ll be fine! Stop worrying!” but am I the only person that gets no comfort from that at all? Instead I feel like they’re bullshitting me just to make me feel better. Almost sort of patronising?

BUT, today I kind of took a small step and changed my perception.

So I recently upgraded my old unreliable vespa for a band new one (something I never thought i’d do – but electric start and a headlight which actually works AND breaks that stop you were very appealing!  Who’d have thought!!!)

I’m quite a nervous driver / rider due to being foolish and damaging my boyfriends pride and joy of a car by driving it straight into someone else (lol) which TOTALLY knocked my confidence not just in a car but just being on the road in general. Even as a passenger i’d find myself stamping on a non-existent break pedal. So after the excitement of buying a brand new scooter that had 0 miles on the clock, a new helmet and a new armoured parka i suddenly freaked the fuck out. WHY THE HELL DID I JUST SPEND A STUUUUPID AMOUNT OF MONEY ON SOMETHING I’M TERRIFIED OF?!?!?!?!?!?! For the fucking lol’s of course.

My boyfriend has 2 motorbikes, my bestest friend has a motorbike, my boyfriends best friend has a motorbike – so naturally the excitement and hype was coming from everyone. Deep down I really wanted to be that girl who just jumps on her scooter and rides off to where ever the hell she wants, looking effortlessly cool. Only thing is I’m terrified. Well, I was.

So after a few rides with my boyfriend driving behind me last week, the excitement crept back in and overtook the fear. I woke up this morning, the sun was shining, and I had this URGE to just get on and go for a ride. So I did – and I fucking loved it.

I was going to chicken out – but after texting my best friend she changed my thought process and not even on purpose. She’s just changed to a new job, and text me saying how she had to do a new route at work and she was terrified, but she was going to do it. She said “Do it so after we can be proud of ourselves” and “We are queens of the road” and I thought Yeah! Fuck it! LETS DO THIS! Yes, once I pulled out of my road I did sort of think “What are you doing you are  not ready for this!” and then I had to argue with myself that YES you can do this YES you are ready JUST DO IT. I’m so glad I did!

So the point of this post really is a sort of reminder that you can’t live your life in your safe zone. Otherwise you will never grow, learn, or experience some of the best things in life. I’m not saying I’m going to do a bungy jump, but maybe I’ll take a few seconds to think before I just say no to everything people ask if I’d like to do just because it’s not something i’ve done before.

Thanks for reading – Happy Thursday 🙂

G x


Well, I guess this is hello?

Hi, I’m Gracie. I’m 22, and currently living in Essex – please don’t judge me just yet.

So I’ve decided to write a blog (like 100,000s other girls on the internet).

I’m not entirely sure what it is that I’m trying to achieve here. Maybe I thought that writing my thoughts down and sending them away to the mystical place that is the web might help me? Or maybe I’m doing it to give myself a distraction? Who knows.

Well, here goes.

When I was younger I used to write letters to people all the time. I would never send them, but it somehow helped me to deal with things better. When school got hard, when hospital appointments loomed close, anything slightly difficult in life. I’d write all my ramblings down, put it in an envelope and then bin it. Sometimes I would address them to people who are no longer here. Sometimes it was to no one at all. So I guess that a blog is probably what I see as a more up to date alternative.

This will probably end up as being more like a diary. I often find myself asking “Why do I feel like this” or “Surely other people have this horrific black cloud that follows them around too?” and who knows, maybe one day someone similar to me will stumble across this and completely understand what it is i’m waffling on about.

Or i’ll do it for a few days, then drop it like most other hobbies (like embroidery, drawing, painting, cupcake making, health kicks… the list goes on.)

So if anyone does ever read this – thanks.

G x